woensdag 24 september 2014

Drunken Bracelet

It always starts with one drink.
But when you have had several more drinks, you are more vulnerable.
How can you make sure you won’t get vulnerable, but still have a great night out with lots of drinks?
The answer is the Vive Smart Bracelet.

What is it?

Students of the University of Washington came up with the idea. The bracelet can protect people when they had a drop too much to drink.
This idea was released at the Design Expo 2014 at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit and it won the title ‘Best Product Concept’.
This product is not on the market yet, but there already is a prototype of it.  It has an built-in sensor which can detect your personal alcohol- and dehydration level. The Vive Smart is connected via Bluetooth to an app on your mobile phone. By tapping bracelets together you can add your friends on the app.
The bracelet notices it when you drink alcohol and it will vibrate at different times. If the user squeezes the vibration bracelet it will take no action, because this means you still have control over yourself. But what happens if you don’t squeeze? Your bracelet will contact your friend via the Bluetooth and the app. The friends you have added before you were drunk get an message and they can come and find you.
Why is this the solution to drink safely? With too much to drink you can lose control or even pass out. Vive will keep you closer to your friends and feel saver drinking.

Why is it cool?

IT is a technical gadget that monitors your consciousness at the time of drinking. Why is it innovative? Because you are always in contact, through the bracelet and the app, with your friends it is a new way to keep yourself save. You don’t have to be by each other side every second of the evening. At this moment there is an working prototype, but unfortunately the product is not for sale yet. With the title ‘Best Product Concept’ there is a great future ahead of the Vive Smart Bracelet.

This bracelet can alert your friends when you are in trouble.
Did you know half of the sexual violence is in contact with alcohol? This gadget could be a solution to reduce this number!

Go to: http://iamdandoan.com/167224/2666643/my-projects/vive and find out how this idea all started!

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