vrijdag 21 november 2014

Dress Eco-conscious!

On my way home from school, I noticed a leaflet in the bus. It was about eco-conscious sports fashion. Teeki is a good example for the experience economy, wonderlust.

What is it?

Bron: www.teekiblog.blogspot.com 
The designer describes herself as a mermaid on her website and i quote: "I am guide by water and the power of the moon". I assume she discribes herself this way, to stand out and to attract attention to her products. But what exactly is the product? Teeki designs activewear out of water bottles, this is an eco-friendly process and in this way the water bottles get a second life! To make the pants on the picture below there were used 25 bottles. When you are up to adventures or when you want to exercise Teeki support you with their fashion. For example when you are doing: yoga, surfing or dancing. 


Bron: www.tasty-yummies.com
What does it have to do with the experience economy? Teeki links logically to Wonderlust. But why? Because the water bottles get a second life, it is a sustainable product. And you as a customer will transform into a conscious buyer. I personally think this sustainable fashion has future growth potential, but not very big. Especially people with a broader income will be able to buy this clothing, I personally think it is very expensive for a random student. But it improves the quality of life for the buyer, because being conscious about the earth will always be positive.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams". - Eleanor Roosevelt

You probably are very curious about this conscious fashion. To get a better view on how gorgeous the water bottles transformed in active wear you should take a look on: www.teeki.com

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