donderdag 13 november 2014

Expland your knowledge

It all started with an ordinary library. But people in this time, are looking for more than just books. De Kennismakerij is a testing library that wants to bring people and knowledge together.

Wat is it? 
De Kennismakerij is an initiative of BibliotheekMB in Tilburg, they want to build the library of the future. The doors were opened by great interest on the 16th of September by Councillor Marcelle Hendrickx. This future library is located at the Spoorzone in Tilburg. Until their final concept has been established, they are in hall 79. Everyone can visit and it is free of charge. This library is a place where people can network, rest or gain knowledge. There also are workshop, lectures and meetings. A nice example is the Geek-Borrel, it was on the 11th of November.

Why is it cool?

De Kennismakerij does not have a fixed concept yet, everyone can be ani put for the library of the future. Even International Lifestyle Student are joyfully busy making a concept book for inspiration for De Kennismakerij. The fact that everyone can think and help builing this concept is very special while it usually happens within a companie. At the moment is De Kennismakerij still in its early stages and not yet well known. At the moment mostly students and freelancers visited this place of knowledge. It is a nice place to expand your knowledge and sharing it with others.

Are you looking for a quiet placet o study? Or do you want to expand your network? There are many possibilities. Experience a taste of the library of the future. Take a look at the agenda on: and visit De Kennismakerijk

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