vrijdag 14 november 2014

De Meesterbarbier

In the past home shaving was not practical for various reasons such as: lack of hot water or good shaving materials. Years ago it was necessary to go to a barbershop, but now men usually shave at home. But people now a days are looking for more, for an expierence. De MeesterBarbier fits perfectly in the Experience Economy, Authenticity.

What is it?

De Meester Barbier is a part of Haarmode van Mierlo BV, founded in 1904 in Oirschot. In 1941 Harrie van Mierlo took over the company and since then the company has remained in the family. The barbershop department was founded by Mark van Mierlo and since 2014 it exists in an old-school setting. Through the interior, the clothes, the music and photo material they try to translate the old-school thoughts. But what do they offer? De Meesterbarbier offers an experience of peace, blessing relaxation and notalgia by a 45 minute treatment.

Bron: http://www.demeesterbarbier.nl

Why is it cool?

The mainly services the barbershop offers are: haircuts, trimming beards and shaving, for men only! It is very innovative because they respond to the experience of the costumer. According to Mark van Mierlo there will always be a demand for luxury treatment such as they offer. The prognosis for the growth potential is hard to determine, but Mark thinks the demand for this offer will grow for 1 to 2 years before it will stabilize.
For a perception of authenticity you can visit De Meesterbarbier in Tilburg. If you want to experience this yourself, they advise you to make an appointment in advance.

The address is:
Westermarkt 20, Tilburg

For more information:
Tel: 013-468 75 78
E-mail: info@demeesterbarbier.nl

Tues / Friday: 9:00 to 18:00 pm
Sat: 09:00 - 17:00 

Information received from Mark van Mierlo.

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