dinsdag 30 december 2014

Protective Underwear #her

Julia Veldhuijzen van Zanten noticed in her immediate environment people had incontinence problems and they tend to isolate themselves because of insecurities and fears. A practical solution such as an incontinence diaper is not good for their confidence. Also the diapers are not comfortable and not sustainable. Julia made her thesis project “The protective Underwear” for the Design Academy Eindhoven in the TextielLab in Tilburg.


She came up with the product, for this she collaborated with the company Artofil, this is a high performance technical textiles company. The Protective Underwear is a knitted brief made of wool and silk. It is combined with a removable incontinention textiel made from yarn and absorbent microfiber. It is comfortable to wear and washable. It is a durable product it can be washed an re-used. Julia was inspired by her elderly grandparents and the elderly population in general. It is not comfortable to go out or to feel confident about yourself when having a bladder control problem.


Bron: http://www.textiellab.nl/nl/
The brief offers a solution for people who experience incontinence problems, but who do not want to wear a uncomfortable diaper or isolate themselves. By wearing underwear that is comfortable and which looks much better than a diaper there is less fear or uncertainty for the wearer. This a microtrend, a product, which fits the trend 'Age Elasticity' very well. The elderly still want to be young and a incontinentdaiper doesn't help them. But with these briefs on it will make them feel like they are not even having this problem. Because of the aging this product has a good future growth potential and it is a good way to deal with incontinent problems with insecurities . Julia also won the “New Material Award” with her textiles.

Are you curious about her research? For further information you can download her MA “Just another garment” on her website: http://www.juliavanzanten.com/


Quality of Life: Emotinal Wellbeing - Self esteem

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