woensdag 28 januari 2015

Rick Owens' dicks

Rick Owens showed some balls during his fashion show ‘menswear Fall/Winter 2015’ in Paris the 22th of January. Rick loves to push the boundaries, the designer sent four of this models down the runway with peepholes. These peepholes showed their male nudity underneath.


Richard Saturnino Owens, known as Rick Owens, is an American fashion designer. He has one of the most progressive profession these is now-a-days. Through his show he wanted to illustrate a point and he wanted to show a graceful world which was free of shame and fear. The designer suffered from shame and fear in his youth, because of this he wants to process as much as possible loving energy in his designs. Owens responded to the controversy that arose after he sent the models down the catwalk by sending an email to ‘Women’s wear daily’. “I pass classical marble statues of nude and draped figures in the park every day, and they are a vision of sensuality — yes, but also of grace and freedom”.


We, people, barely raise our eyebrows. Who hasn’t seen exposed nipples, naked bottoms or breasts? Probably everybody has seen it. Sex sells, that is a fact. So why was there commotion about the nude male genitals? Censorship and gender equality are a constant issue of today and Owens made a statement with his show about this problem.

This fashion show in Paris created degeneration and that was exactly what Rick Owens referred to. This show took us to another world, free for imagination. It showed a mix of impossible glamour, fantasy, wealth, transvestism and androgyny. But in the real world you can constantly show your penis even on a catwalk in Paris. See the video below for the show:

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