zaterdag 24 januari 2015

Björk, it is more than just music


In a press release The New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) let know there will be an exhibit, from 7 March to 7 June, which will show all aspects of the career of the Icelandic singer Björk. Besides her music there is much more on the agenda, including collaborations with filmmakers, photographers and collaboration with fashion designers will be extensively discussed.

What is it?

Björk was the former lead singer of the alternative rock band The Sugarcubes, but since 1993 she is having a solocarrier under the name Bjork. She is seen as a strong independent woman and also she inspired many people with her style and her music. The highly experimental exhibition about her work will touch the audience in an impressive way.

Why is it cool?

Everything Björk does is very unique. Whenever she wears the clothes of a fashion designer, such as with Alexander McQueen, it seems more like a collaboration than just simply putting on the designers clothes. The exhibition will not just be a cheesy exhibition, it will provide an experience for the visitors. Trough sounds, film, visuals, instruments, object, costumes her carrier will be showed. All this will present both biographical and imaginatively fictitious written by writer Sjón and co-written by Björk. They also collaborate with video directors.

Björks exhibition will not only be about her music, but about many more thing that went on in her carrier. The extraordinarily artist had had a major impact on her generation worldwide and the exhibition offers visitors an experience of her work. Got curious? Don’t hesitate and visit: for more information.

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