vrijdag 9 januari 2015

Make-up, it came out of the blue!

Most women, and probably even men to, identify their selves with make-up. This is not just a way to stand out in everyday life, it is also a part of the entertainment industry. For example in theaters. It can take a lot of time, energy and money to transform an actor into a character, because make-up will fade. There is a new technology, it can change make-up on the spot without any effort.


Nobumichi Asai, producer and technical director for P.I.C.S. He made a living canvas with digital make-up. In the video below you can see a serie of visuals, these are projected on the models’ face. It is a motion capture technology which precisely scans the womans’ face, then through projection mapping there are shown different of masks on her face. These masks are projected on the contours of her face, this means she can move and wear the masks at the same time. There are all kinds of projection from traditional make-up, such as eyeliner and rouge, to a full-on cyborg. In the movie this cyborg even opens up and it shows the inside of the robot head.


This kind of make-up would be perfect for in theater and live-performance, this will even make a show more memorable for the viewers. But it is also new and innovative way of expressing for an actor and it will provide less stress behind the scenes. But one the most important things, it will give an experience to visitors and to the people working with this great way of identification.

Who does not dream to see a real-time show with fantastic characters, where anything is possible! If this technique was used for musicals or in any other show, people would be blown away! If you are curious about projection mapping, or any other fantastic work of Nobumichi Asai’s you should take a look on his website: http://www.nobumichiasai.com/

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