zaterdag 21 februari 2015


It starts with throwing away good and not everyone is aware of the fact they do it to. A person disposes 50 kilos away a year. SIRE wants to make people aware about food waste through a commercial on TV and even shows it is fun and easy to use your leftovers.

What is it?

Stichting Ideƫle Reclame, also known as SIRE, is an indeptendent foundation dedicated to draw attention on social topics. SIRE came up with the initiative Kliekipedia, this is a part of the campaign against food waste. Food waste is not only a waste of money, but it also comes at the expense of the environment and for this reason Kliekipedia was launched. Kliekipedia can be used by anyone with leftovers or anyone who is interested in this topic. The Kliekipedia website also uses co-creation, you can add your own tips and recipes on scraps to the website. Kliekipedia might be the start of reducing food wastage because the website shows many useful tips and recipes all together. This could save quite a few euros for the Dutchman which are known for their thrift and stinginess.

Why is it cool?

There are many books, apps and websites about cooking. From my own experience I know I often have many leftovers and the next day I did not feel like eating the same again. Kliekipedia is innovative because it mainly looks at preventing food waste which other cooking books/websites/apps do not. The website also provides extensive information on food waste which makes to importance of food waste prevention clear for everyone. In the near future I think is website will be a great success and recipes will never run out because of the co-creation. But there is one downside on this website, it is difficult to find a recipe that suits your leftovers. With an additional search function for your scraps on the website it would be easier to use.


With some help from, scraps for yesterday can make a whole new dish for today. It is an open platform where as many as possible knowledge and inspiration can be shared. Kliekipedia suits the trend ‘the open world – trensparency’ very well. People can work together to create a new way to prevent food waste and knowledge is shared to move forward together. For more information, recipes, tips or to add your own tips and recipes go to:


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