zondag 22 februari 2015

Spray it all over #her

What is in our food? Is it healthy? Is it good for the environment? It is increasingly clear about what is in our food. FoodWatch, the food watchdog, is up to date about what is in our food and they even make the results available for the public. A German product caught my eye about this matter.
Research: http://the-deli-garage.de

What is it?

Recently I found the photo's above on pinterest.com and they very appealed to me. The German company The Deli Garage changed the way we eat with their PFD-approved edible spray. The product is sold in gold, silver, red and blue in a convenient spray bottle. The Deli Garage is the first to introduce food colouring in a spray can. It is easy to order via the website and accessible for every one living in the European mainland countries. They can not ship the products overseas because of the legal export restrictions. The job is fast and easy, you just spray it. This way of serving a dish will immediately draw the attentions of guests, but would they know it is edible? I wonder if the FoodWatch already knows about this product and if they aproved it. Would you dare to eat it? Although the ingredients are publicly available on their website, I wonder whether it would be safe to eat.

Why is it cool?

Foodcouloring was longer available but never in a spray-can version. It will look very beautiful on diner or cocktailparties will probably will not become very popular in the ordinary household because. I wouldn't use it every day on my lunch and diner. The idea of foodcoulering is not innovative but the way to use is innovative and also very quickly and therefore interesting to try out for once.

The company is very tranparent about the ingredients they use in their product therefor they are a perfect example for other businesses which are not. It looks very fun to use and intersting to try, but that is my oppinioin. I am very curious about what you think about it and how you think about them being transparent about the spraycan. You can watch the video below to see how it is done.


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