woensdag 18 maart 2015

The truth about food

What is in our food? The ingredients are not visible on the looks of food. Ofcourse some productspackagings have information on them, but what do we do when it does not have? Or how do we know the ingredients when we go out for dinner? The solution is the TellSpec, it gives al the information about your meal.


Isabel Hoffman is the founder en CEO of TellSpec. She came up with the product for her daughter who is gluten intolerant.  It was launched on the crowdfundingwebsite Indiegogo . It is particularly useful for people with allergies. But it can also be very useful for people who are on a diet. And it can even shows the amount of pesticides used on your product, which can be harmful. How does it work? Light is made up of particles called photons, when you aim the scanner at the food some of the photons are absorbed. It raises the energy states of the molecules up. These molecules get replaced by photons with more energy. De spectrometer in de TellSpec sorts and counts them. The resulting number’s describe the chemical compounds in the food. But all you have to do is simply aim the scanner on your food and with one press on the button TellSpec scans your food. The scanner must be connected to a tablet or smartphone, in this way you will receive a list of the different ingredients and nutritional values.


Until recently spectrometers were large and expensive, but now it is available as an affordable tiny chip. Because this was made possible they could create the TellSpec. Isabel tested it on various products and compared it to the packaging. Not all of the packing information was correct. Now a days people want more information about the food they consume. People have become more discerning about what products they buy. This product offers truly information to everyone using it. It will make food transparent for you and this is possible what many people are looking for. I think this product has a great growth potential for the future. For now it is to expensive for everyone to own, it costs over 300 dollar. I think this product has a great growth potential for the future, but only with a better and cheaper price.

With TellSpec you can go beyond the label. You can know what is really in your food. It is fast and easy. See the demo below for more information.


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