zondag 22 februari 2015

Breakfast... ew

There are so many different dishes in the world and every country often have different preferences. In The Open World we can see and share everything. Thanks to technologisation and digitalization we quickly get to information. This also means the dishes for foreign countries. But what are the opinions about these types of breakfast.

What is it?

Cut Video had put a video online on their youtube channel on February the 10th. In this video you can see how American children react to foreign breakfasts. The breakfasts are from Korea, Brazil, Finland, Vietnam, Poland and the Netherlands. The opinion from these children are clear, one of the comments “I found a dad fish in my breakfast”. As they say on their website “Cut is for everyone”.

Why is it cool?

In my small country, we start the day habit with a sandwich or yoghurt. The sandwich also comes with sugar sprinkles and the children appreciate this Dutch breakfast. Within a day the video had half a million views on YouTube already. It was also shared many times on Facebook. It is not only entertaining but also an interesting topic for research. Cut Video’s channel became more popular because of their short film and their name will be much better known than it was before. But this probably will not change much for our breakfast habits. Just as the children have said, some breakfasts seemed not very tasty.

Because of The Open World we share so many times an can easily arrive everywhere. But would this change our eating habits? I do not think so. If you are curious or want to try a different breakfast, you can click in the video on the recipe-link. 


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