donderdag 16 april 2015

Driven out of space

When you think about green and eco-friendly, you probably do not think about cars or any other vehicle. But what would the world look like with a car which will not have a bad effect on mother earth? Mercedes presented a car which generates its own electric energy .


The German car company Mercedes presented the car of the future, the concept is called F 015. It kind of sounds like an airplane model. They have introduced it in Las Vegas and the car is able to move without external propulsion or agency. But besides the technology to drive on its own it is also eco-friendly because it can generate electric energy with a fuel cell in order to feed two electric motors. The car can drive 900 kilometres on hydrogen and 200 kilometres on electric energy. It may take a while before it will be produced but there it has been tested already in Las Vegas. It will not be just a car to travel from location to location, but you can even stay in it. In this way you can live everywhere in the world!


the interior of the car consists of beautiful finishes, wood and even rotating chairs. Also a very cool detail about the interior is the digital hang-out. In this hang-out you can add your own playlist which you can change by time, depending on your current mood and you can manage your social media accounts. Even the way you can operate on it is innovative. Say goodbye to touchscreen and meet the new way of handling with your hang-out. You can use the device with eye-tracking and it even notices when you move your hand towards it, this kind of looks like you are using magic.
When you drive you should not be multitasking, for example posting messages on Facebook. But in this car you can because it drives automatically. For this reason there will no longer be traffic accidents or victims. This means there are no longer safety issues and we will not need our seatbelts. This will be very interesting for the market and economy. In the future we might even take a bath in our car while driving somewhere. There will be endless possibilities for the market with regard to this sort of car. With this car on the road there will no longer be traffic-deaths or any kind of accidents involving cars. And besides the fact that there will be more traffic-safety, it is also a more pleasant way of travelling.

If this will be the car everyone will ride in the future there will be more safety on the road, which mean there will come many more options for the interior. This be have a positive effect on the market, because companies can design more various concepts for the inside. 


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