dinsdag 14 april 2015

Meat without cruelties #her

Recently I have written a Trendrapport for my study International Lifestyle. When written this rapport I found out the world population is increasing fast and by 2050 there will be 9 billion people walking around on this planet. But what does our food look like by this time? A very innovative cookbook will show us an example of our potential future food.


The In Vitro Cookbook is not an ordinary cookbook as you might know now. This book has recipes in it for the future. Because the population is growing we need more place to build houses, but because of this matter we do not have enough place for animals to live and to produce meat. This cookbook is  based on meat that was grown in the lab, this is also a very friendly way to produce meat without any animal cruelty. Could you imagine eating dodo wings or steaks knitted like scarfs in about 40 years? It certainly sounds very cool and maybe even vegetarians could eat this because it does not involve animal cruelty.


As said before this is not an ordinary cookbook, it is spectacularly innovative and inspiring. Not so long ago the first hamburger came out of the lab. But after this In Vitro Burger the chicken is next. I personally hope this solution can prevent the world hunger that is expected in 2050 because of the dubble demand for meat. This way of producing food is a good method for raising livestock for the future. On the follow website: http://www.bistro-invitro.com/, you can even resevate for diner in the first meat-grown restaurant lab to try out this lab-meat. Would you not like to try as one of the first what food will be like over 40 years? I certainly would! Maybe we will eat ourselves by using our own bodycells in a lab. It might sounds very delusional but maybe in the far away future you will cook yourself instead of a cow or chicken. 

So by 2050 the meat-demand will dubble and 9 billion people have to be fed. How could this be possible? By eating lab-meat, this can even be a dinosaurus-leg instead of what we are now used to for example a chicken leg.



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