donderdag 30 april 2015

Lightning footprints

The average human takes 150 million steps in their lifetime. Most steps are made in our train stations, offices, city centres and many more places. Why not use this power? Pavegon did use it!


Laurence Kambell-Cook the CEO of the technology company Pavegon came up with a new tile which can convert energy from people’s footsteps into electrical power. The first permanent installation of the Pavegon tiles were placed outside the busy train station in France. With this tiles the station has a sustainable energy source. The product is made from recycled polymer and the surface is made of recycled truck tires. When someone steps on one of the tiles the power is generated due the footfall compress which is only about 5 mm thick.  Each footfall generates up to 7 watts at 12 volts, this is enough power for a street lamp but only for 30 seconds. On their website Pavegon says their exact technology is a big secret, but it is a sustainable way to convert electrical power.


Laurence Kambell-Cook made it possible to use the energy we produce with in our daily life. With this it does not cost much to produce it and it will not harm the environment. Would it not be great if we had this in our own homes? Just by walking around, cleaning your house or any other activity you do inside can provide you from lights, television and maybe it will even be able to charge your mobile phone. It is good for the environment because it converts your movement to power and for this reason it will fit perfectly in the trend ‘sustainable cities’. I would love to have it in my house, so I can provide my own home from own-produced-power.

Would you have it in your own or would you even recognize it when you see it on the streets? In the video below you can see how it works, watch and enjoy.


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