zaterdag 11 april 2015

Saved by the light

As they say in foreign countries about the Dutch people, “A Dutchman is born on a bicycle”. The average Dutchman cycles over eight hundred kilometer per year. Compared to other countries relatively few accidents happen in The Netherlands. A bicycle is quickly overlook by other drivers, Volvo had an innovative respond to this issue.

Lightning bicycle


Volvo Presents Lifepaint. They came up with the product to improve road safety for everyone, both for car divers as for the people who prefer to ride two wheels. The main reason for introducing the LifePaint is the fact that every year 19.000 cyclist in the United Kingdom are involved in an accident. At the moment a few bike-shops in the UK are handing out the stuff for free. Once the product demand catches on Volvo will introduce the LifePaint to the market.
The LifePaint is invisible by daylight, but I glow up brightly in the blaze of the headlights of a car. This means when the sun goes down and the sky will colour dark the invisible becomes visible. My first thought about this spray-paint was: “When I spill it on my clothes, will I brighten up every time in the dark? This will just ruin my wardrobe”. But the fact is, it won’t ruin anything! The paint washes off and will not even affect he colour or the material of anything it touches. The LifePaint will remain for about one week after application.
I cycle almost every day, but when it gets dark I often find out my light does not work because of the low batteries. Changing batteries is the one thing I really hate. It is difficult to remove the cover and I am always out of batteries. But this LifePaint would make it a lot of fun to cycle at night and it does not even look difficult or time consuming.


The LifePaint initiative from Volvo has a good safety effect on both cyclist and car-drivers. They fave fun twist to the idea of security and what is especially important: they make the weaker part of drivers on the, cyclist, more noticeable. Once cyclist will use this spray during their nightly bike rides they will be many accidents prevented.
We already know that in 2050 75% of humanity will live in a city, but how do we make it livable for ourselves? In 2050 people still have obligations and do not want to arrive late for meetings or any other appointments they have. If everyone will travel by car this will cause major traffic jams an blockages and it also had an bad affect on the environment and our health. It will be very convenient to travel by bicycle, especially a bike sprayed with LifePaint for safety. Because of this future overcrowding in the city LifePaint would be a safe addition to urban. Maybe when this time arrives there will  arise five-lane paths for bicycle instead of five-lane highways we know now.

Where will most of the people life by 2050? In the cities! So what do we need? Safety and quality of life for these people. But not only for in 2050, it is also necessary now, in 2015. Volvo will improve safety and will even be fun to use and to see. LifePaint might even save several lives and prevent accidents.

As said before, this spray is handed out for free. To see where you can pick up your free item, click here


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