zaterdag 27 september 2014

Office from Heaven

When you have an office job, the most of the time you work while you are sitting and working on a computer. It is hard to get distraction when you have a lot of work to do and you will easy work late. This can cause stress or even a burn-out. It is important to take a break every few hours, but does this really happen at work? Heldergroen developed a concept, tables from heaven.

What is it?
Heldergroen and ZECC Architecten realized the concept. They came up with it for their own communication office, but all offices can take this concept, even for schools it is an good idea. The first construction was placed in the office of Heldergroen in Haarlem. But what is it exactly? And what does it do? It is an great way of working and a new way of using space. Heldergroen developed tables that hang from the ceiling, these tables can be lifted up. Every day at 6 p.m. all tables disappear and no one in the office can work late. It can also be used in the lunchbreaks, now everyone has to stop working and have time for their lunches, instead of skipping it.

Why is it cool?

When the tables disappear there is a great space for other activities such as sports and meetings. It combines working and relaxing in one place. This office can reduce their employee’s stress level. Heldergroen’s concept has a great future growth potential, not only because it is in Chinese designbooks or because they made the newspaper in different countries, but also because it improves the employers’ final results and their work attitude. People probably can’t wait to go back to work in this wonderfull environment. 

Do you want to see for yourself how it looks like? Than you should watch the video below.

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