zondag 5 oktober 2014

Yoga, it isn’t complicated!

What if you want to practice yoga? It all starts with expensive yoga classes, that doesn’t fit in your work or school schedule. You can practice it with a video, although there is even a better way! Smart Mat even gives you all the guidance you need!

What is it?

Neyma Jahan, is the founder of Smart Mat and wanted to receive personalized yoga instruction without going to a yogaclass. ‘SmartMat is a portable Yoga Mat which helps to track, improve & perfect yoga practice by learning a user's position and suggesting’ (smartmat.com). The mat has built-in sensors that gives you audio commands via a smartphone or tablet. It tells you to change posture or even guides to improve your posture. When using your Smart Mat is gives you the same feeling as in a yoga class and guidance by an personal trainer.


Why is it cool?

It can be very intimidating to attend a class as a beginner, don’t worry about this anymore. Smart Mat gives you individual attention and instructions. You can use it anywhere and anytime, no more problems with your schedule and no more going to expensive classes.

Are you tired of cancelling your yoga class? This mat is definitely the solution!
Pre order now and join the community for $150 less. This early bird special will close on 30th of October 2014.

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